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We are excited to announce that the EDHEC Business school together with their partner’s has confirmed the annual Student Dataviz Challenge.  In support of our partner school EDHEC we want to welcome the early talent community to participate in the challenge.

The 2023 Student DataViz Challenge – Do Good with Data

Are you studying in Europe and interested in data careers? Then you should definitely consider entering the annual European Student DataViz Challenge. Introduced in 2020, this Challenge aims to get students enrolled in degree-granting programmes, like Bachelors, Masters or MBA, to raise awareness of social or environmental issues by harnessing the power of data visualisation.

The Challenge is designed to encourage students to become more involved and skilled in the art of visualising data for the greater good. All entries must choose a topic linked to UNICEF missions and use UNICEF data to highlight and raise awareness of key global issues. This year, UNICEF is particularly interested in nutrition.

The Challenge is organised by Tableau, Mazars, UNICEF and EDHEC Business School. This is an excellent opportunity to boost your data visualisation skills and receive expert feedback from a panel of judges in the final. If you are currently enrolled in a degree-granting programme at an accredited academic institution in Europe, then join the challenge before April 11th 2023!

Previous entries have tackled gender equality in education, tobacco use in children under 15, inequality in Europe, and inequalities in African LDCs to name a few. This year’s entries are sure to be just as impressive.

Why Participate in the Student DataViz Challenge?

Data visualisation skills are in high demand in careers as diverse as marketing, consulting, finance or strategy. The Student DataViz Challenge is a great way to boost your skills to the next level and get amazing feedback from a panel of experts in the final. You will also have the opportunity to showcase your work and network with industry professionals.

According to Jessica Wheaton, Learning & Culture Manager, Mazars Group, “Data visualisation combines some of the most in-demand skills on the job market today such as critical thinking, creativity and communication. The DataViz Challenge provides a platform for students to develop these competencies, network, pitch and grow their employability. As the first employer of thousands of freshly graduated professionals every year, learning and development lie at the heart of Mazars’ DNA, so we naturally support such initiatives. We were impressed with last year’s submissions and look forward to the 2023 final!”

How the Challenge Works

The Challenge is open to register your interest now. All entries must be submitted using Tableau, which is free for students through Tableau Academic Programs. The competition closes for entries on 11th April, and from the entries, judges from Tableau, Mazars, EDHEC and UNICEF will then select 10 finalists.

Ashley Koen, Academic Program Marketing Manager at Tableau explained, “We’re on a mission to create a data literate world. As data literacy increases in importance, learning analytics and understanding how to best visualise data will help students stand out professionally, driving faster insights and informed decisions in their work and study. We support the Student Data Viz Challenge because it provides students with an opportunity to develop these skills while also providing an opportunity to engage with real-world issues that matter most. Last year’s submissions were amazing, and we look forward to seeing all the new talent this year!”

Learn more in DataViz Challenge webinars
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The Final

The final will take place on 12th May at EDHEC’s stunning Paris campus, located near Opera and in the heart of the vibrant city’s financial district. Each of the 10 finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their data viz to the judging panel.

There are some excellent prizes for the top 10 finalists including DataViz and Pitch’ coaching session with a Mazars expert pre-final, tickets to Vivatech in Paris plus vouchers and giveaways amongst other amazing incentives.  Plus, the winner will have the opportunity to interview for a data visualisation internship with UNICEF.

Visit for more details on the Challenge, the prizes and the full rules and details on how to enter..