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Please dedicate 2 minutes to help your future employer meet your needs by sharing insights on important topics like graduate programs, start-ups, and remote working and get a  chance to win a 30-day free access to all Highered Upskill powered by Coursera courses with certifications included.

As a prospective employee, you have the power to influence your future career path and shape your work environment. Participate in the Graduate Program Survey to provide valuable insights on graduate programs, start-ups, and remote working. Learn why this survey matters and how you can win free access to Highered Upskill courses.

Why the Graduate Program Survey is important for you:

The Graduate Program Survey empowers you to voice your opinions and shape your future employer’s offerings. By participating, you can play a crucial role in creating a workplace that aligns with your needs, accelerates your career growth, and offers necessary support.

Insights on graduate programs:

Discover how your input can shape mentorship opportunities, training, and development initiatives, and career progression prospects. Help employers design impactful programs that cater to your needs and propel your professional success.

Start-ups and innovation:

Explore the unique opportunities and challenges associated with start-ups. Share your insights to help employers understand the specific expectations of graduates interested in joining or launching start-ups. Shape an environment that fosters creativity, agility, and entrepreneurial spirit.

The rise of remote working:

Remote working has become prevalent, and employers need to understand your preferences and expectations. Contribute your perspective on remote work, flexible arrangements, and necessary tools and support. Influence policies that promote work-life balance and productivity.

Win 30-day free access to Highered Upskill courses:

Participating in the survey enters you into a raffle to win 30-day free access to Highered Upskill courses powered by Coursera. Enhance your knowledge, upskill, and boost your employability. Take advantage of this opportunity for personal and professional development.

The Graduate Program Survey allows you to shape your future employer’s programs and work environment. Share your insights on graduate programs, start-ups, and remote working to create a workplace aligned with your aspirations. Don’t miss out on the chance to win 30-day free access to Highered Upskill courses. Take the survey before the June 2nd deadline and pave the way for a rewarding career journey.