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Every internationally-minded student needs to know about Highered. That’s what student ambassadors Mariia Butueva and Maria¬†Raevskaya from Far Eastern Federal University strongly believe.

During the first few weeks of becoming Highered Student Ambassadors, Mariia & Maria, bachelor students in Economics and Human Resource Management respectively, got to work by organizing an introduction day event, where they introduced Highered to their fellow classmates on December 20, 2018. With games and conversation, they discussed their experiences of exchange programs to Japan, their experience of learning new languages, and the tool that can further their international experience – Highered.

“The idea of this topic was that they should just try to realize that everything is possible, ” commented Mariia Butueva. Many of Highered’s corporate members, including Mars, Amaris, PepsiCo, Nike, IBM, offer international internships, graduate programs, and full time positions were presented to all 30 attendees.

The Highered platform was well received. “All students were extremely interested in Highered, listened carefully and had good questions and suggestions for the future events,” reflected Maria Raevskaya.

Mariia & Maria also created the official Highered group in VK, a Russian online social media platform, which helps spread the word about available internships, company updates, and other new events students at Far Eastern Federal University could take advantage of.

Soon after the first event, the VK Highered channel was promoting Mariia and Maria’s second organized event on behalf of Highered, last week on March 21, 2019. Highered was featured as part of a larger event focused on international exchange programs, during which they presented Highered as the place to go to find opportunities abroad. Mariia and Maria also advised students to log in to the platform to receive career advice and development opportunities through the Masterclass webinar series.

Mariia and Maria’s hard work as student ambassadors is sure to impact the future of their peers. They are looking forward to graduating this May, and passing the title on to others. Highered acknowledges their strategic and supportive role in helping the students at Far Eastern Federal University find rewarding, international placements.


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