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The “Get to Know: Highered Global Career Services” was a university internal event held by Highered student ambassadors Haiyi Yan and Seka Adon on March, 13, 2019 at the University of Ottawa, Telfer School of Management.

The aim of this event was to help students at the University of Ottawa become more familiar with the platform and assist them to find opportunities and jobs on this platform faster. This was the first Highered event held at the University of Ottawa this year.

A week before the event, student ambassadors used their acute digital marketing skills to promote the event via school and personal social media channels. They also used the trusty method of papering the campus with posters, helping to market the event even further.

Their efforts proved successful. This event not only attracted university students but also university staff and professors. Two such attendees, responsible for global affairs at the university, lent their support by citing Highered as a platform that helps students to find global opportunities quickly and efficiently.

The Highered Student Ambassadors team at the University of Ottawa will create many more activities for students and university staff members in the semesters to come.


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