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Top global business schools and corporates in one place: This year, China.

In its first inaugural year, the Highered Global Talent Summit will kick off summer 2019 in Shanghai, with organizations and recruitment experts to meet in a three-day networking event¬†focused on Chinese talent recruitment and placement opportunities, both within China and abroad. The conference will bring together career services and human resource professionals in an unprecedented, unique forum in China to strategize on their global recruitment initiatives and hiring objectives. They will come away with a practical toolkit of resources and connections to be implemented, resulting in the acceleration of the matching of top talent to international opportunities. This year’s summit, China on the Rise: Your Talent Roadmap to Success,¬†will kick off in one of the world’s most vibrant, buzzing cities where opportunities for strategic partnerships have no limits. With China‚Äôs rise to the world‚Äôs top 10 most powerful economies, there is increased demand for higher education to provide both international educational and professional opportunities. Currently, China is leading the way in terms of globally mobile students. One in every six international students now comes from China, while Asian students make up more than a quarter of the world‚Äôs mobile students. The summit steering committee is led by¬†Amber Wigmore √Ālvarez, Chief Innovation Officer, Highered EFMD Global Career Services, with members:¬†Perrine Van Iseghem, International Corporate Relations Coordinator, I√ČSEG School of Management; Esther de Perlaky, International Employer Liaison Manager, The University of Warwick;¬†Caroline Baldwin, Career and Professional Development Advisor, University of Bath School of Management;¬†Shuo Xing, Associate Director, Talent & Careers, IE Business School; Whitney Xie, Corporate Relations Manager, Fudan University; Sarah Ranchev-Hale, Assistant Director of Careers, Imperial College of Business; Catherine Chassanite, International Career Development Consultant, Audencia Business School; and Ewan Henry, Employer Relations Consultant, Nottingham University Business School.

Keynote speeches, networking events, alumni gatherings and breakout sessions for collaboration are scheduled to take place over the three-day Summit.

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