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In today’s competitive job market, the majority of students depend on luck. Whether a student’s CV catches a recruiter’s attention or whether they shake the right hand at a career fair, can greatly depend on chance. However, at Highered we believe that with the right support given to these students, more than just the odds are in their favor.


In the case of one South Mediterranean University student, we seem to be proven right. Borhan, a student at Mediterranean School of Business at SMU, describes how the University and the career service team provides the resources and guidance needed to successfully help students obtain awesome jobs.


“Choosing MSB is a choice I do not regret. The program is made to make you immediately employable. This applies for Tunisia and abroad. For the end of study internship, I was able to go to Amsterdam. I did my internship in a Dutch company there. All of this was made possible thanks to three things. The fact that I am fluent in English, thanks to MSB’s program that is totally taught in English.  MSB’s accreditations–indeed, AMBA and EPAS accreditations are a guarantee that the education provided by MSB corresponds to the American and European standards. And the EFMD platform the career office made available to everyone since 2017. There, you can find internships from all over the world, that seem too good to be true. But I can assure you that they are true and reachable. With a little bit of planning, an internship abroad is really possible”

-Borhan, Mediterranean School of Business Student


The Mediterranean School of Business at SMU is a full member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD), and has strategically utilized the EFMD network and the Highered platform to help students find internships and jobs across the globe. At Highered, we are proud to partner with schools, students, and corporate members to bring more opportunities to students around the world.