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Are you looking to expand your talent pool in the banking, finance, or consulting fields? Look no further than the upcoming Highered Virtual Career Fair, taking place from May 9th to May 11th on the Highered platform.

As a recruiter, you know the value of connecting with top talent and finding the right candidates to fill your company’s positions. The Highered Virtual Career Fair provides a unique opportunity to meet with top talent and find the right candidates to take your organization to the next level. It provides you with a direct connection to a pool of highly motivated and skilled candidates who are actively seeking job opportunities in your industry.

What to expect?

The virtual fair provides you with a platform to showcase your organization’s values, culture, and job opportunities. You can use company webinars and virtual booths to share information about your company and the positions you are hiring for, and to answer questions that candidates may have.

The Schedule 

The fair kicks off on May 9th with a Preparation Day where we will host CV clinics and a workshop on networking to help the talent get ready to connect with you.

On May 10th, you’ll have the chance to interact in real-time with candidates via chat and video chat. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet with top Highered talent, connect with them and see how their skills and experience can benefit your organization.

May 11th is Wrap-Up Day, during which candidates will attend various Masterclasses on interview tips and salary negotiation to prepare for potential opportunities.

In today’s rapidly changing job market, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve and connect with the best talent in your industry. Don’t miss out on this chance to take your organization to the next level. Register now and connect with the best Highered talent out there!¬†