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Highered and EFMD Professional Development will launch a new training programme this autumn, the Career Professionals Development Institute (CPDI).

The inaugural edition will take place on 20-22 November 2019 at Luiss Business School in Rome, immediately following the EFMD Career Services Conference. Next stop is likely to be the Highered Global Talent Summit in May 2020 in Shanghai.

The CPDI serves multiple purposes. It will help business schools to deliver and maintain state-of-the-art talent services by exposing their talent and careers professionals to an intense peer-based learning experience. In addition, participants will gain an in-depth understanding of how emergent technologies are likely to reshape corporate talent recruitment and what this means for the way business schools’ talent and careers departments will need to operate in the future.


The CPDI will sharpen the talent and careers professionals’ self-conception as drivers of institutional reputation and financial outcomes and, in light of persisting budget challenges, will emphasise the need to leverage resources within a school and beyond (such as the Highered-EFMD Shared Career Services or the peer network to be developed by the CPDI).

Another focus area of the CPDI is how to establish, manage and develop recruiter relations with an effective display of leadership with only “limited” authority. Participants will learn from internationally renowned experts how to get into the recruiter mindset by  “speaking their language” and understanding their intentions, challenges and troubles.

And even more importantly, they will receive guidance on how recruiter feedback can be channelled back to faculty, students and programme management to effect better recruiting outcomes and improved educational relevance.


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