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Choose from thousands of top-tier business students and graduates from 750+ leading universities and business schools.

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Search and connect with talent meeting your exact requirement. 

Build your candidate pipeline with top talent from more than 750 academic institutions.

Employer branding

Build your Employer Profile on Highered and benefit from ongoing brand visibility across a global talent pool. Utilize the Highered Student Ambassadors and leverage peer-to-peer channels.

Job posting

Post a few select positions or use our unlimited job posting service. We post for you, decreasing workload and optimizing resource allocation


From local to global, participate in events organized by Highered or organize your own. 

Trusted by hundreds of companies worldwide

La crème de la crème

Grow your early talent pool. Reach out to 1 or all top schools in our network and showcase your Internships, Graduate Program, and job offers!

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“We received several hundred applications from different countries. If we look at the contacts that we received it was more than 2,000!”

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Pros: Tip of talent and the global reach that we can have in a market like today.

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Essential tools and resources to help you get started.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Highered offers a range of early talent recruitment services, including job postings, access to a dynamic talent pool of students and recent graduates, and tools to facilitate events and activities to connect, engage and attract top early talent to your organization.


The services are tailored and targeted to the relevant talent based on your recruitment needs. 

Highered features a pool of early talent candidates from top universities and schools worldwide.  Our talent pools are composed of approximately 400,000 active users (and growing) representing 189 different nationalities.


We have the full range of profiles, including Bachelor, Master, MBA, PhD and Alumni Network. The most common educational backgrounds are Business and Economics, though we have a wide range of STEM talent. The platform vets candidates by verifying their school before they can apply for positions or attend events.

Highered is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in recruitment efforts. The platform offers a Be Discovered sourcing functionality for talent to opt into. For recruiters this means access to a variety of filtering opportunities to source from a diverse pool of candidates from top universities and schools worldwide.

Yes, Highered offers opportunities for recruiters to promote their employer brand and attract top talent. The platform features a company profile section where recruiters can showcase their company culture, values, and job opportunities to attract the best candidates.


Highered also provides access to a range of virtual and physical events, enabling recruiters to engage with early talent and promote their employer brand.