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LGBTQ+ Pride Month has arrived for 2022 – and Highered wants to take this opportunity to publicly voice our support for LGBTQ+ people across the world. Your rights, your diversity, your courage and your resilience must all be promoted – something our organization is committed to doing. 

One of the best ways to promote LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace is by building a diverse and inclusive community of talent in all businesses. This will mean that everyone feels respected, seen and safe in their job. 


Why supporting LGBTQ+ rights is so essential

Highered believes in a more inclusive world where the rights of everyone are respected. It is absolutely essential that this respect extends into the workplace, with regards to LGBTQ+ students, employees and employers.

Pride Month represents all the key values Highered believes in:

  • Acceptance
  • Equality
  • Inclusivity
  • Transparency

A leading employer doesn’t just want to be a company that treats its employees fairly and promotes equal rights; it also wants to be an organisation that hires and retains the best people, drives continuous improvement in customer service and maximises business performance. These are all achievable if your workplace is LGBTQ+ friendly.

To demonstrate our long-standing commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ rights, and promoting workplace equality, Highered has partnered with myGwork,  the largest LGBTQ+ community globally

Why we have partnered with myGwork

We are committed to providing you with the best possible experience, and an important area of this is working with LGBTQ+ students and ensuring that LGBTQ+ hopefuls have just as much chance of securing a job role as anyone else.

myGwork is the business community for LGBTQ+ professionals, students and inclusive employers – and our partnership with them emphasizes our commitment promoting LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace.

What our partnership with myGwork means for students

There will be several new initiatives coming up due to this partnership, which we are extremely excited about. The goal of these initiatives areis simple: to bring value to the growing LGBTQ+ community on our platform and to promote inclusivity in the workplace. 

This partnership will also offer immense value to LGBTQ+ students that use Highered, because you will be able to:

  • Identify employers/roles which are LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Receive news relevant to the LGBTQ+ community
  • Access a strong support network for LGBTQ+ students

Highered’s partnership with myGwork means that LGBTQ+ rights will be promoted on our platform, and that students in this demographic will have just as much chance to secure a job role as anyone else.


What our partnership with myGwork means for employers

Diversity and Inclusivity (D&I) practices have become increasingly important with the rise of LGBTQ+ inclusivity, and this is important to note for any organization, because strong D&I practices will enable you to:

  • Create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable
  • Attract the highest-quality team 
  • Get the best out of your employees
  • Support your team’s mental health
  • Improve your profitability

A study by Forbes in 2021 found that companies with strong LGBTQ+ policies are more profitable than businesses without. Our partnership with myGwork is therefore the perfect opportunity to not only support your LGBTQ+ employees, but to improve your bottom line too.

Meanwhile, if you are an organization that already has robust Diversity and Inclusivity practices in place, our new partnership will enable you to promote how these strong practices exist in your workplace, and therefore stand out from other employers to attract the best talent.