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Having organized their first virtual event with Highered, ESSEC faced a problem – too wide accessibility, with school-branded events being open to all students and graduates at the school. That’s a lot of students and graduates in various programs. Consequently, talent from other programs took up the much anticipated space dedicated to Hospitality students.



With another event coming up soon, our tech team had to implement an easy solution to help ESSEC resolve their issue. 

School-branded virtual events are not only usually promoted to but also free to access for all talent logging into the school´s GetHighered platform. To enable the organizers to limit access only to their target of choice (that couldn’t be filtered out), we proposed implementing a new password-protection feature to tackle this challenge.


The feature proved to be a successful way of limiting access for the virtual career event. It was easy to use and didn’t have any negative effect on either the talent’s nor the organizer’s experience. Besides, having a new feature did not add to the organizer’s workload.


Efficient and simple solution.
All we had to do was share the password with the students.

Marwan Hachani
Consultant, Junior IMHI Hospitality Consulting at ESSEC