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Highered – EFMD Global Career Services has been offered as an additional EFMD full member benefit for one year now. To gain a better understanding of the students that have registered for the platform a survey was sent to all active student users. The results from the 2018 student survey has provided us with insights to better understand the types of positions, companies, and sectors that are most attractive to the students. The gathered information is being considered in order to best serve the students work opportunities, compliment schools existing career services and compliment company recruitment strategies.

According to the latest Highered Global Student Survey, already within the first year close to 50% of students from EFMD member schools are using the newly launched platform as a resource to look for jobs.

The findings indicate that two out of three of the active users are national students (studying in their home country) and more than 65% of the students when seeking work opportunities look both in the country of study and outside the country of study. Additionally, 27% of the respondents indicated that they have secured a placement through the platform. The platform is designed to support and enhance existing career services initiatives at EFMD school members, to help place international students or local students looking for an international opportunity.

To further support and understand the international student’s perspective Highered recently turned to three international students to learn more about why they chose to study aborad and the value that Highered has brought to them as an international student.

Highered Lets You Fly  – Spanish Student Perspective 

Nicole is a Spanish international exchange student at BI Norwegian Business School from Universidad de Navarra. Nicole shares her story and thoughts on why she chose to study abroad.  Where do you look for jobs? “Well, beforehand I would search in Spain because that is where I have my friends and network, and I study there. However, now that I am in Oslo, I have met so many people from so many different countries and places that I literally have never heard before, and now I ask myself why would I not study or work or search for opportunities anywhere in the world?”

Chinese international student perspective

International Exchange student at BI Norwegian Business School from Hong Kong Baptist University shares his perspective. Highered is a platform that shows me how many multinational companies are so willing to hire international students. This allows students like me to work overseas, most importantly helps me to achieve my life plans. Highered gives me a global mindset.

French international student perspective

International Exchange student at BI Norwegian Business School from Emlyon shares his perspective. “I needed to try new things, get outside from my comfort zone. Firms are looking for candidates with diverse backgrounds and different experiences.” He built his career path tailored to his needs with just one click.

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About Highered – EFMD Global Career Services

Highered – EFMD Global Career Services is the newest membership benefit which all full member schools and member companies have access to. EFMD launched the Highered initiative to schools in February 2017 with the aim to connect companies, schools and students within the network at an unpresented level. Highered provides unique international possibilities for the students and supports EFMD School’s initiatives in placing students while providing a truly global platform for companies to expose their strategic employer branding efforts to attract better and more diverse talent.