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Managing a student group with 300+ members, running 10 career development workshops – meet Highered Student Ambassador Mingyi Feng at Rennes School of Business.


Graduated from China University of Petroleum, Yiming decided to pursue a Master in International Business Negotiation at Rennes School of Business, France. Noticed the need from Chinese students, Yiming founded the first Chinese student group at Rennes focusing on job searching and career development. She organized workshops to help Chinese students revise their CVs and reached out to French international companies to discuss internship opportunities for Chinese students.


CV workshop presentations prepared by Mingyi Feng

While she was looking for internships and job positions to share at her group, she encountered Highered on the official website of Rennes and realized that it was a powerful platform with comprehensive information available for students searching for jobs. “It is a pity that many students are not aware of great opportunities and resources on Highered. I want to accentuate it and promote Highered to students to help them get good jobs,” said Mingyi, “that’s why I applied to become a student ambassador at Highered.”


As a Chinese student studying abroad, Mingyi shared with many other Chinese overseas students some common feelings and reflections. The halo effect of studying abroad has faded away. Though it no longer guarantees a well-paid job, it does contribute to the development of a global mindset, stronger adaptive skills, and better language and communication skills.


Mingyi also gave her suggestions to her peers. “First and foremost, you should start searching for jobs early. The earlier you start your career planning, the better.” Mingyi sent her job applications even before she came to France in September, and in December, she already received her first offer. “I also find that it is important to know what you really like.” Many students don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do and where to start their career. Instead of hesitating, Mingyi suggests students try out different opportunities. Gradually, a suitable path would emerge. “Be positive and active, and dare to try new things,” Mingyi concludes.


In the coming months, Mingyi will organize Case Study workshops featuring Highered and provide students further job searching and career development guidance. We wish her best and look forward to hearing more exciting news from her.



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