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Luis Gutierrez Reyes Retana was born in Mexico, but has been living in Oslo, Norway, for the past six years. He joined the Highered Corporate Team as a Global Account Director at the end of 2021.

Luis previously worked at the Mexican Embassy here in Oslo. As a lawyer and previous politician – or is being a politician perhaps something you are for life? – it is maybe why current issues that may arise in the public debate especially attracts his attention. 

Through his experience, he has become adept at overseeing a wide variety of operational responsibilities, as well as auditing them (compliance), always in order to achieve and optimize operational success. Throughout his career thus far, communication skills and teamwork have been important ingredients.

During his professional career in Mexico, he worked in many different roles: a practicing lawyer, elected city councilman, legislative consultant, and finally as an employee of the Federal government at the IMSS (Social Security in Mexico), where he was a Director responsible for a team of 150 employees within the areas of auditing, collection, and membership. Luis has also had legal and contractual interactions with all types of companies, authorities, NGOs, IOs, and more. This has given him the ability to deal with different environments and adjust to different circumstances quickly.

Luis is ambitious and goal-oriented, a people person, a collaborator, and a connector that strongly believes in meeting people with tolerance, respect and honesty.

Outside of the working hours, he is passionate about sports, travel, food, and a good book! Luis loves dogs, especially Teddy, a wire-haired dachshund. He is also interested in politics, art, and history.

Luis speaks Spanish and English fluently, and can’t wait to be in touch with you!