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Going digital has undoubtedly shown one major upside in particular – new opportunities. Digital innovations are appearing left and right to make our work lives easier. It is no different in the recruitment world. Struggling to connect your brand with young talent? If you are looking for an easy and cost effective way of reaching out to a diverse, well-educated audience of potential candidates, look no further. Virtual job fairs, such as EFMD Global Virtual Fairs powered by Highered are exactly what your company needs. Why?

Scout new talent, globally

With major campuses going digital, virtual career fairs allow you to engage with students and alumni from not just one but over a hundred of top universities and business schools worldwide. Through various activities such as live chats, video interviews or webinars, you can get to know the skills and qualifications of potential candidates without the constraints of geographical boundaries. There are thousands of future professionals waiting for an opportunity to get to know your company and find out about all the perks of working with you.

Build your employer brand

Whether you are recruiting for a small or big company, employer branding is just as crucial in order to attract the best candidates. Virtual Fairs are a great way to spread the word about your workplace to a large pool of top talent at once. It is cost effective (getting a standard virtual booth is free) and quick (the fair lasts just a few, however intense, days). Online job fairs are a unique opportunity to advertise your brand, improve public relations, and attract young talent to view you not only as some company they have heard about but the company they want to join.

Get fresh insight into the talent pool

A few days of interactions with a large pool of young talent is not only useful in the search for an ideal candidate and boosting employer branding but also in understanding the needs and expectations of future professionals. By attending such events and engaging with students and alumni of top universities, you are able to receive instant feedback and gain substantial insight. If you attend EFMD Global Virtual Fairs, Highered will provide you with detailed analytics which will help your company adapt to next opportunities.

With no geographical boundaries and thanks to a multitude of tools allowing to reach a talented global audience, virtual fairs for young talent and virtual recruitment solutions are the next step to adapting your company to the latest digital age. Such events enable you to gain access to top talent from all over the world, which may not only bring your brand a fresh dose of innovative thinking but boost your efforts in public relations or building a more diverse talent pipeline. Whatever recruitment needs your company may have, you can be sure that online job fairs are a great way to go.

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