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The world is turning digital at an unprecedented pace in the current climate. Talent acquisition is no exception. Though campuses are quiet this Spring, talent find new venues to connect with recruiters – the EFMD Virtual Career Fair Series by Highered.

The China Virtual Career Fair, which took place between March 24th and April 1st, marked the kickoff of the 2020 EFMD Virtual Career Fair Series by Highered. The Fair welcomed 1,700 Chinese speaking students and graduates from 153 top universities in China and abroad, and 54 leading organizations, including Apple China, Airbus China, Carrefour China, L’Oreal China, PwC China, and Sony China, among others. More than 100 new internship and graduate positions were released during the Fair, providing talent with exclusive access to selected opportunities.

Live recruitment talks by Carrefour China and Airbus China were featured at the Fair. Broadcast to more than 200 top talent from 60 schools in 12 countries, the live talks not only served as a unique platform for employer branding but also as an effective channel for companies to connect with relevant candidates and to accelerate their hiring processes in real-time.

Throughout the week of the Fair, talent demonstrated high engagement and actively applied to the participating companies’ positions. On average, each promoted position received 500 job ad views and 130 applications. The Management Trainee position at Hongshang Capital Equity Investment saw a record 65% conversion rate from those who viewed the job ad to those who applied to the role. ASC Fine Wines, receiving applications from students studying at Peking University and University of Oxford, commented with satisfaction, “we were amazed by your talent pool.”

The Fair benefited companies and created tremendous value for schools’ Career Services and the talent communities, especially the Chinese-speaking. “Thank you for all that you are doing… when our international students are in need of additional support, guidance, and care,” acknowledged Bentley University, USA.

At Highered, our vision is to build a world where every student and alum can grow their talent and have equal access to information and opportunities on the journey to fulfilling their dreams. The EFMD Virtual Career Fair Series by Highered, as the response to the global times, allows EFMD member schools to connect their students and alumni with companies and organizations from around the globe, in a sophisticated job fair simulation environment that enables real-time interaction between recruiters and candidates, resulting in improved recruitment efficiency, higher attendance and a better job hunt experience.

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