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Meet Kylie Skinner from the Nottingham University Business School, and read her experience participating in the EFMD Global Fairs by Highered.

Kylie has been part of the post-graduate careers team at Nottingham University Business School for around two years. She joined the team at Nottingham University at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and has since been a part of the EFMD Global journey. 

“From my experience of working with the [Highered] team, one thing that stands out to me is how incredibly hard-working and passionate the Highered team is about what they do. They really do try to put on the best event that they can.

Over the two years, the course of the events has evolved, depending on the needs of the employers and also the needs of the students as well.

In terms of the EFMD Global Fairs platform, one thing that really stands out to me is how easy it’s for our students and graduates to navigate, both in terms of pre-registration, but also when they are there on the day.

Another good thing about the event is that it’s more than just a fair. There’s a chat function available for students to engage with recruiters, but also things like live CV Clinics, which is quite useful for the students, to get to see what other people’s CVs are like, and the advice coming through as well.

There’s also a digital conference with fascinating guest speakers. I found it interesting, so I’ll also go to them, and I know our students do as well. 

Another thing that stands out to me about taking part in the EFMD Global Fairs, is the ease for the Business School Postgraduate Careers Team. Like many of you, I’m sure you’re all very busy and have many different things going on. The Highered Team put together some great communication marketing support, which includes right from promoting the event to when the event is taking place. Social media is essential for us to promote the events to students and let our network know what we are doing. 

So you see, there are even little things like the Highered Team will prepare: a social media post for us to post. 

It takes some pressure off us, having things ready and built when it’s all there for us. So it’s a definite advantage about taking part in the Fairs.

We are looking forward to joining you and taking part in the EFMD Global Fairs by Highered this spring.”