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On February 7th at NEOMA Business School, over 9000 students were invited to one of the year’s biggest talent and career events – Career Advice Day.

Highered Student Ambassador Ziqian Liu had a few pieces of advice to share with her fellow classmates. “Many students want to know how to apply for internships and opportunities abroad” says Ziqian. “Highered is a great resource for these students to start their search”.

Ziqian is in her final semester of the CESEM program in International Business Management, a worldwide exchange program at NEOMA. She joined Highered’s Student Ambassador Program when she began using Highered to find her next employment opportunity while studying abroad. At the Career Advice Day, she presented the Highered platform to her fellow classmates and encouraged them to sign up to view and apply for global opportunities as well.

Highered Student Ambassadors, like Ziqian, work alongside the career services supporting the creation of local engagement by understanding the specific needs of fellow students and strengthening the communication of opportunities. By participating and representing Highered at organized local events, such as this one, Student Ambassadors can help educate and encourage use of the platform.

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