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Introducing Aray’s valuable perspective on how it is to be a student abroad

I am from Astana, Kazakhstan


How did you decide which country to study in and how long are you studying abroad?

I have been studying abroad for almost 3 years now, Ā starting my bachelor in South Korea SolBridge Business school. I was really amazed by the fast pace ā€˜Asian tigerā€™ like development South Korea and get more insight on how business in Asia operates. After 2 years in South Korea, I decided that I needed to move further and experience western life and applied for a 2+2 program with BI Norwegian Business school, where I am now.

How has studying abroad challenged and developed you and how do you think this will affect how you work in your future job role?

Studying abroad positively affected my life bringing in so many eye-opening situations and challenged my beliefs that I have from my Kazakhstani background. Being in a foreign country alone has taught me a lot from basic household activities to be truly responsible for my actions and more self-disciplined. My studying abroad experience will positively affect my future job perspective.

How is your school’s global career platform helping you find your first graduate employment and what other things would you like to see on the career platform?

The platform is helping me with finding internship programs quite easily these days. Given the number of positions and companies represented, I am sure that the global career platform will help me out even more after graduation. I really like the articles in the news feed with interview tips and company descriptions and look forward to seeing more articles published on the platform directly from corporate HR departments. Specifically, Ā I would like to know more about how to get a job at their respective company.

Any advice to students studying abroad?Ā 

I believe that our generation is living in a world of an overwhelming amount of information. Therefore, when choosing a country to study in, I would suggest to students to always be objective with your aims clearly in front of you, learn how to analyze information and change according to the results, then make rational decisions.