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Introducing Thu-Ha’s valuable perspective on how it is to be a student abroad

I am from Hai Phong city, North Vietnam


How did you decide which country to study in and how long are you studying abroad?

I am studying a Master program in Leadership and Change in Norway because I want to learn from the happiest country in the world.

How has studying abroad challenged and developed you and how do you think this will affect how you work in your future job role?

As I am aiming to become an innovation specialist and change consultant, studying abroad in a top business school is the first step to open my world, connect me with unlimited networking sources and learn from best practice cases. Working with people from diverse background also challenge my old way of thinking and unconscious bias.

How is your school’s global career platform helping you find your first graduate employment and what other things would you like to see on the career platform?

One of my two current part-time jobs is from BI’s career platform. My school’s local career service is helpful in guiding students going through recruitment process in Norway. They also provide digital “global” career service platform where students can find information about positions in many countries, exciting news from companies and even taking some test to learn more about themselves.

Top 3 most essential tips/advice to students studying in abroad and specifically in Norway?

Learn the local language and culture. This is not only about increasing your opportunity to get hired but also about feeling belongingness and inclusion in the new environment.

Besides your friends from your home country, do not forget to get along with others different from you. You will realize how interestingly different you are from others and how surprisingly similar you are with others.

Enjoy life besides studying and working. Norwegian people really know how to do that. You can realize a lot about happiness while living here.

Check out your school’s Highered platform. For students from BI Norwegian Business School, check this