Best Practices for Early Talent Recruitment

Reading Time: < 1 minute The most effective early talent recruitment strategies are those that focus on building relationships and providing potential candidates with the resources they need to succeed. Here are some best practices for early talent recruitment: Develop a campus recruitment strategy: A campus recruitment strategy is an effective way to reach potential candidates and build relationships with […]

Helping Your Future Employer Meet Your Needs: The Graduate Program Survey

Reading Time: 2 minutes Please dedicate 2 minutes to help your future employer meet your needs by sharing insights on important topics like graduate programs, start-ups, and remote working and get a  chance to win a 30-day free access to all Highered Upskill powered by Coursera courses with certifications included. As a prospective employee, you have the power to […]

Virtual Career Fair Recap – Exploring Career Paths and Connecting with Talent

Reading Time: < 1 minute On May 10th we held the Banking, Finance, and Consulting Virtual Career Fair. The virtual fair was a successful event that provided a platform to connect early talent with recruiters to explore exciting career paths in the industry. Attendees engaged in live chat sessions, applied for jobs and internships, attended company webinars, and received expert […]

Reflecting on the Career Professionals Development Institute

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Career Professionals Development Institute (CPDI) is a training program designed for Talent and Career professionals to acquire state-of-the-art competencies and stay up-to-date with the latest trends relevant to their work. The program, which was hosted April 19 -21 at Antwerp Management School (Belgium) and was led by EFMD Global Professional Development and Highered. Participants of the program […]

Early Talent Recruitment in Consulting: Strategies for Success

Reading Time: 2 minutes The consulting industry thrives on fresh perspectives and innovative solutions, making early talent recruitment a top priority. To successfully recruit and retain exceptional early talent in consulting, consider these key strategies: Targeted Campus Engagement Collaborate with top universities and business schools to identify potential early talent. Host informative events, workshops, and case competitions that showcase […]