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Coming into 2022, businesses in all corners of the globe shared a singular goal: bouncing back from a period that saw 43% of small businesses temporarily closed.

Though lessening, the upheaval that has been affecting businesses since 2019 has had a lasting impact on many of the ways organizations are being run. Finding and retaining early talent is no exception. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of the latest recruitment trends. 

Bringing new top talent onboard is a fantastic way to help your business recover from two years of slow movement and frugality. New ideas and faces could be the boost your company needs.


Attracting the Right Talent Matters

It’s harder than ever before to secure the most knowledgeable professionals for your business. Utilizing emerging hiring trends to combat the talent gap between available workers and required skillsets can help. 

The number of workers is finite. This means you need the best early talent recruitment strategy if you want to put together a solid team that can rebuild your business. 

Increased competition for staff has changed the way companies hire. Here are some of the key techniques you need to know about if you’re wondering how to attract top talent.


Be Proactive

Not many businesses are used to going out and seeking the candidates they need. If you really want to build a strong employee base, it’s time to go out and get the best applicants for the job.

Passive recruitment is no longer an efficient way to get the right employees.

The labor skills gap makes it too difficult to find the right person through a job advertisement. Those who really fit the bill are in high demand, and those who respond to ads might not quite be ready to fill the needs of the role you’re offering.

If you’re in need of a new team member, have your HR department communicate with desirable applicants early. By building up a solid rapport, they’ll be encouraging the people you want to come and join your company over someone else’s.


Update Your Hiring Resources

Widening the scope of the tools you use when hiring can help you best determine to who you should offer the job. Whilst there are plenty of benefits to the standard resume-interview selection process, incorporating some new steps can make it even more effective.

Knowing how to get great employees means knowing how to be sure they have the skills for the role.

If you’re not already using skills tests, then it’s time to start. They are the ideal way to gather quantitative information about a candidate’s abilities. Use them to run checks pertaining to the skills and qualities you list in your candidate description.

Skills tests can help you choose the right person without having to expend far more time and money on the hiring process. By using resources that assess applicants’ strengths and weaknesses, you can define who is capable of doing the job well and who is underqualified. 


Recruitment Trends Show An Increase in Virtual Processes

The creation and widespread use of countless virtual tools has changed how the working world functions. This has, in turn, impacted what both employers and prospective employees expect during recruitment.

One of the most important hiring tips for 2022 is this: use digital resources where possible.

From video interviews to full work-from-home contracts, you need to find out how to employ online tools both in recruitment and in the roles that you offer. 


Hybrid Recruitment

Finding ways to widen your potential candidate base is key in a post-pandemic world. It means increasing your odds of finding the perfect employee for the role you’re offering. To do this, you can conduct online interviews so that people from further afield can be considered.

Skills tests can also be offered virtually. Online quizzes and behavioral assessments mean that your applicants don’t have to come to your company headquarters to progress with their application. You will also gather the data you need much faster. 

Offering a hybrid recruitment process shows applicants that your business is moving with the times. It proves you can be flexible in order to achieve goals in the ways that work best for both you and your employees. This will undoubtedly boost your reputation and attract capable candidates to your company.


Offer Remote Positions

In 2022, it’s important for businesses to know which roles they can feasibly offer as remote working positions. Many highly-skilled candidates are seeking remote work over in-office jobs.

This may mean taking a look at your internal processes and evaluating which duties can be undertaken from anywhere given the right digital resources.

Offering remote positions extends your search for the right applicant much further. Rather than seeking people in the immediate vicinity of your company’s base, you can have people far and wide on your roster.

Following the pandemic, many workers have realized the benefits of remote work:

  • No Commute
  • Boost in Morale
  • Fewer Expenses
  • No Relocation

Being willing to offer remote work for those who it suits is a fantastic way to onboard enthusiastic new employees and boost morale and retention in your existing staff.

This is because it evidences your care about employee experience. After a difficult period, people are in recovery just as much as businesses. It’s important to remember this when shaping new hiring processes because it is this that is informing the year’s most prominent hiring trends.

2022 Can Still Be Your Year 

After keeping your business going throughout the pandemic, it’s time to see it thrive again. Don’t be afraid of the new factors at play in recruitment: use them to your advantage. 

As long as you stay on top of new methods and mindsets in the working world, you’ll be sure to find and employ the best people for your company. If you’re seeking talented new workers for your business, make sure to contact us today. At Highered, we connect you with, and help you find, the best talent at 700+ top accredited schools that are more than capable of helping your company reach new heights. 

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