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Curious about Highered?


Join us for a webinar session on December 5th, 2018 at 12:00 ET where we will discuss Highered,  a valuable digital resource to help place your students internationally.


This webinar is geared towards career services professionals who are looking to expand the career services repertoire for students at their business school. Other business school administrators, such as Deans and Corporate Relations, with an interest in bringing this service to their school, are also welcome to attend. Affiliated Member schools are being offered the opportunity to make use of this service and activate their own dedicated Highered platform for a trial period of one year.


During the webinar, participants will get an overview of Highered, EFMD Global Career Services, and learn how to use it strategically to provide optimal¬†support to their international and local students. In a previous webinar session, we heard from Craig Petrus,¬†Executive Director of Career Services at the University of Flordia, College of Business.¬†‚ÄúIt has been a great site for our students and a great opportunity for us to increase awareness about the job market outside of the United States for both our domestic students as well as our international students,” states¬†Mr. Petrus, who leverages the Highered resource in several ways to boost student engagement and placement.¬† A video clip of his take on Highered shared during the webinar can be found here.


Learn more about how Highered can help your students and University as a whole to become a global player in both education and industry. Register using the link below.