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About us

HIGHERED’s mission is to “Help students get awesome jobs, globally”. Highered has built the only truly global platform to recruit top talents from graduate schools all over the world through ONE channel. Our platform is already plugged in to more than 200 absolute top schools, giving direct access to top talent.

In co-operation with the most acknowledged business school accrediting body in the world, EFMD, we have been given access to more than 500 top schools with more than 3 million enrolled students. The EFMD school members represent the global top 5% educational institutions.

– Due to our EFMD partnership, and thereby our access to the unique school network, we are disrupting how corporations around the world can recruit and build their employer brand towards students at the leading academic institutions worldwide. Until now corporations have been forced to go school by school with no possibility to reach schools in an effective way. Until now students have had limited access to international placement opportunities. Until now schools have had a tremendous challenge helping their increasing share of international students find international placements opportunities. This again effects the school rankings and future student recruitment. Since launch in February 2017 we now have thousands of active student users (growing with 1.000 – 2.000 per week), and global cooperation agreements with companies like PepsiCo, Statoil, Accenture and Yara – to mention a few.

– Previously, access to this arena primarily was local, fragmented and inefficient. By structuring this in a more effective manor we are creating value for companies, schools, and first and foremost students!

Position description

– We are looking for a CTO who will be the fourth member of our management team. You will be reporting to the CEO.

– Being a global market place provider, digital strategy and development is absolutely core of what we do. We are building a globally leading niche position, and it is vital that we continue to innovate, challenge the industry and be in the forefront in the digital product we offer.

– We are looking for an operational oriented CTO who can take part in the operational improvement and development of our solutions, and at the same time have a lead role in our digital strategy work – together with the rest of the management team.

What we are looking for

– A team player with strong written and oral communication skills, with a strong business understanding.

– Good overall understanding of creating, delivering and maintaining software solutions with cloud architecture and technologies applied. Solid understanding of how to continuously deliver quality assured through practices such as DevOps. You should can leverage this into formulating a clear digital vision and strategy for Highered.

– Operational experience ranging from programming to project management.

– Oversight of all major components. This includes major feature enhancements, core framework components, and all web development lifecycle processes for our highly interactive and visual enterprise digital application.

– Solid understanding of technologies and architectures related to: Azure, Amazon Web Services, Data-driven-design, Cloud’s, Data Lakes, Analytics/Business intelligence, MVC and ReactJS is an advantage.

– Establish and maintain executive level relationships with key suppliers to enhance supplier performance, innovation and drive best-in-class pricing.

Contact details

COO, Gustaf S. Christensen

Cell: +47 977 18 131