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During our June Webinar, we welcomed panelist, Agata Bartnik, Recruiting Associate AlphaSights UK. Listen to AlphaSights, one if the world’s fastest growing companies, initial thoughts about joining the Network. Thank you Agata for sharing your thoughts! Stay tuned and we will share more Highered Insights.

The webinar was geared towards career service professional who is looking to expand or begin the career services repertoire for students are their business school. 40 Career Service representatives listened closely as AlphaSights Recruitment Associate shared perspective as a newly joined member of EFMD and the value they have received as a source to achieve their global student recruitment.

“As a company and corporate client, we need to have a more personal approach. There are so many companies out there and if we think that just advertising a position on a platform will secure all of our hires, I think that would be a naive way to think about it. We try to be present and try to engage with students as much as we can. This is one of the reasons why we joined the Highered.”

AlphaSights has recently joined the Highered Network which gives them access to utilize Highered as a channel to build their brand and recruit top students and graduates at more than 488 business schools across 87 countries.