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Want to stand out to employers? It’s time to update your profile.

We all know the importance of having a digital presence in the 21st century. You have thousands of job opportunities at your fingertips using the web – and this means that how you portray yourself online is extremely important. 

If you are using job platforms online to apply for opportunities, then you need to consider how your profile is enhancing (or reducing) your likelihood of getting hired.

Below, we’ve taken you through some essential stages of updating your online profile – including uploading a new CV. You will also find out exactly why having a stand-out profile is so important. 

The importance of a stand-out profile

As a student looking to get hired, your profile is extremely important for making you stand out from the crowd. 

When applying for jobs, your profile is the first thing employers see. That’s why it is essential that your profile:

  • Thoroughly covers every detail about you
  • Shows a professional, employable face
  • Conveys what sets you apart from others

With many jobs platforms, you can also attach a CV to your profile, which improves your employability even more. 

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression… so you need to get this right. 

By having a profile that is professional, up to date, informative and personalized, you show yourself to be a worthy recipient of your employer’s time. If your profile isn’t impressive or engaging, however, then you stand little chance of getting an interview and securing your dream job.

On a jobs platform where employers encounter dozens of profiles every day, getting your profile right is essential.

How to update your profile

On all major jobs platforms, your profile is your ‘shop window’. All the best employers will look at your profile to determine whether you are the kind of candidate they want to hire. 

Indeed, they often look at your profile before their first meeting with you… so if you want to make an excellent first impression, updating your profile is essential. 

Your online profile enables you to convey not only details about your contact details and personal information, but it will also typically provide sections for:

  • Education – show off your excellent results
  • Summary – entice employers to learn more about you
  • Languages – prove your ability to communicate in different dialects
  • Skills and experience – Highered Upskill is an example of how you can develop these things

On most jobs platforms, you can update these aspects of your profile by visiting the ‘My Page’ or ‘My Profile’ section.

Your profile is an integral place to convey everything that makes you spectacular. 

Attaching a CV to your profile

You may be wondering… if a jobs platform gives me an online presence, do I still need to complete a CV?

The answer is: yes, you do. Although we have moved into a digital age, many companies still need to ‘box tick’ – and this will often include receiving a copy of your CV. Furthermore, your CV will show aspects of yourself which an online profile cannot, such as:

  • Your ability to write concisely and to-the-point
  • Your ability to stick to a professional format
  • Your understanding of what your employer wants to see

Completing a CV, and attaching it to your profile, also proves that you have put in the time and effort to do everything possible to secure your dream job.

Most jobs platforms will enable you to attach your CV to your online profile. Make sure you do this!

Increase your chances of getting recruited with Highered

Highered is an essential platform for securing your next job. As a student, you need to stand out from competitors for the same job vacancy… and updating your Highered profile (and uploading a CV) is critical to achieving that. 

Visit our jobs platform here to access our free CV template – and update your profile, attach your CV and start applying for your dream job.

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