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Global Marketing Competition (GMKC) –  the most important business simulation competition at university level is coming back!


If you are a student (graduate, post-graduate or doctorate), this is your chance to experience the real business world and learn while making strategic decisions affecting various departments of an organization. This year the focus will be the automotive business.



  • The application of know-how in a market that is similar to the real market.
  • Training in market analysis and research.
  • Realisation of the importance of quantitative and qualitative decision-making.
  • Exercising responsibilities in situations of risk.
  • The encouragement of teamwork.
  • Global Networking: an international competition that will pit you against teams from around the world and will provide an overview of the business.
  • You will attract the notice of national and international companies that follow the competition seeking talent.
  • You will acquire an overview of the business world, and learn to manage various departments.



Free sign-ups for all university students:

Undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates or doctorate students who are currently studying this academic year (2019/2020) or have finished their studies within the last three years and are currently unemployed.

University professors:

University professors are welcomed to be part of this global initiative through:

  • Encourage your students to take part.
  • Sign-up with them as tutor.

If any of the teams you tutor reach the Grand Final, you may travel with them to Madrid with all travel and accommodation+breakfast costs paid.

Marketing professionals:

Ideal for Junior professionals or as an exercise to encourage teamwork among colleagues.



In GMKC, participants should:

  • Become the general managers of a company (automotive sector);
  • Create, together with their team, a company from scratch and manage it using the most advanced business simulator on the market;
  • Compete against other teams, from anywhere in the world (based on the results obtained).


The teams may participate in Spanish or in English.


More than 55 thousand students from 81 countries have competed in GMKC. Do you want to be part of this international experience?